Index / Match

Both of the functions of Index and match can be useful but when you combine the two they are very effective.

  • Index by itself returns the value of a specific cell.
  • Match searches for a cell value in a group of cells
=index(list of values, match(match value, from this list, type of match))

The type of match is normally 0 for exact

  • In our example we will use the team members of the Edmonton Oilers
  • We are trying to find the position of a player by searching by the name

  • We will type in the name of the player that we are trying to find

  • Below the position we will type the formula

=index(players positions, match(player's name, from the list of player's names, exact match))

  • The result is then displayed
  • Note: to drag down the formula to obtain another positon by player, the ranges of the formula must be made absolute.
  • How to make an absolute reference

Youtube video how to use Index Match

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