I am a Canadian provider of custom Excel work , dashboards, pivot tables,

and VBA development and consulting services to clients in every industry, from hot startups to the largest companies.

Online Consulting

Some times you just need a little help with what you are working on

Book an online meeting and we can share screens with a Zoom to work on your problem

Prices start at $12.50 for a 15 minute meeting

Book a Meeting

Custom Auto Schedules

I specialize in creating Custom Auto Schedules for your staff.

I work with you to come up with solutions to your scheduling needs.

  • I can create rosters for staff of five to five hundred
  • can create auto schedules for 24 - hr rotating shifts
  • I can create delivery schedules to ensure that all routes are covered.

Contact me and we can discuss your scheduling needs.

Email Directly From Excel

I can setup email that will send directly from you Excel Sheet.

I can filter information from your Excel sheet and send it directly the desired contact or contacts

  • You will be able to select the receipiant or list of receipiantas to receive information
  • You can sent updates regarding projects
  • You can assign workers or contactors assignments for the day

Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Dashboard Creation

Let me turn your large unreadable data sheets into dashboards.

Be able to make decisions with a quick look at the Charts.

Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

We also provide online training and Support.

  • Macro creation, let's automate your sheets
  • Forms and templates
  • Difficult formulas and applications
  • We are here to help you with: