Using the "&" symbol in Excel

The & is a very handy tool that is not often used. It can be used to add a comma to the end of data. The comma is necessary when uploading data to other programs such as SQL.
  • In a new cell, key in "=" and select the cell that you want to add the comma.
  • Enter the & then type in ","
  • Press enter.

Adding a comma to cells can be effective when you have a group of emails that you would like to mail to one time. Using the method described previously add a comma to the end of every email on your list.

  • Select the group of emails with the comma
  • copy and paste into the "To:" field of your email.
  • The email will be addressed to every address that you have copied.

You are also able to combine the text from two cells. This would be used when creating serial numbers, combined words or invoice numbers. For Example; if you invoice number should include the city where the sale was made, the one cell would have the city and the other cell would have the ascending invoice number

Here is a link to a video on this topic

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