How to Filter by Colour

  • Excel allows user to have an effective filtering tool with filtering by colour.
  • If you are browsing through your data, and highlight certain dates.

  • You are then able to filter these highlighted dates.
  • Select the data that you would like to filter
  • Select the data tab and click on the filter icon
  • Click the drop down arrow and select filter by colour

  • When you combine two functions together it is another useful tool
  • If you use built in Conditional format option - Highlight Cell Rules - Text that Contains
  • Combined with the Sort by Color - Sort by Cell Color
  • An example of this would be in a large data file that would have one column that would have were written in text.
  • The Comments would have a wide variety of text but the only text you are interest in are recommendations that say cold.
  • Select the Comments column
  • Select Conditional format option - Highlight Cell Rules - Text that Contains
  • Enter Cold in the text box
  • Select green fill with Dark Green text
  • Select the entire sheet
  • Go to the Data tab and select the filter icon
  • Click the list arrow on the Recommendations column
  • Select Sort by color
  • Select Sort by cell Color
  • Select the light green
  • The data that is cold is now displayed at the top of you file.

View instructions on how to filter by colour

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