To Format a date to Day - Month - Year

Control - Shift - #

Select all the data in a table

ctrl shift *

Start New Document


Today's Date


Current Time

CTRL - shift- ;

Move Between Tabs on Your Workbook

  • CTRL PgUp >CTRL PgDn



How to select a long column of data?

To select a long column of data,

  • Select the first cell
  • Crtl -Shift - The down arrow
  • All the data will be selected until a blank cell is reached

To enter a new line within a cell

Press Alt - Enter

How to select entire rows or columns?

  • shift space - select entire row
  • ctrl space - select entire column

How to enter a hyperlink?

Press CTRL K

How to add a bullet within a cell?

  • select the cell
  • press and hold the ALT key and 0149
  • release the ALT key and the bullet will appear