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Creating a Pivot Chart

Create a Pivot chart with a Slicer

  • You have already created a Pivot Table from you data and would like to analyse it further.

  • Select the Analyze tab

  • Select the pivot chart icon

  • A dialog box will present you with options for the chart that you would like to select

  • We will select the pie chart.
  • Select your chart and copy it to another sheet

  • Select your chart and analyze tab will appear.
  • Select the analyse tab

  • From the menu select inset slicer

  • We will select Posted date

  • Move the date box to the side of the chart and stretch it longer
  • With all the dates selected you are able to see all the sales
  • Select just a few days and you will see the sales for that period only
  • To view all dates; all dates must be selected

Linking Excel Files

View Instructions for Linking two Excel files

  • Linking two different excel files is not ideal but maybe necessary.
  • Changes in the format of either file may result in corrupted data.
  • For the purposes of confidentiality of one file; it may be necessary to link to another file.
  • There are a few steps that you can use to improve the integrity of your data.
  • Ideally the source and the dependant file are kept in the same folder on your network
  • Maintain the format of the source file and the destination file

  • From the cell in the destination file enter =
  • Select the cell in the source file that you would like to like and press enter

  • Once the file has an external link, the Edit Links button become activated on the Data tab.

  • The dialog box allows you to manage your external links.

    Managing Named Ranges

    View instructions how to manage named ranges

    • Naming ranges is an effective method of securing your data source and allows you to create complicated formulas relatively easily.
    • With Excel 2010 they have created a section on the Formula tab to help manage named ranges.

    • Select a group of cells that you would like to name
    • Click on the Define name

    • Enter the desired name for the range of cells
    • In comments, enter a description of what the group of cells
    • Click O.K.
    • Click Name Manager
    • The dialog box will be displayed

    • To delete the name of the range; select the name from the list and click delete
    • To edit the name of the range; select the name from the list and click edit.
    • With the dialog box that appears, you are able to change the name, add comments or change the range of cells that this name refers.

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