How to Use the Frequency Function in Excel

  • Frequency is an function that will determine the number of time a numerical value occurs in a list of values
  • Frequency is an array function so that ctrl shift enter must be pressed before it will work
  • There are three steps to complete the process

  1. Select the the range of values that you would like to analyse
  2. Select a range a catelories for you data
  3. press ctrl shift enter

  • Enter the criteria range; We have entered 60, 70, 90, 90, 100
  • Select the cells adjacent to the critera range
  • Click the Fx
  • The Insert Function dialogue box will be presented.
  • Select the list of data in this case select the list of marks - For the Data_Array
  • Select the categories of data that you would like to analyse-for the Bins_Data
  • Click OK

  • Click in the forumula in the resulting formula bar and press ctrl shift enter
  • The "curly brackets" will surround your formula

  • The data will now populate the selected fields

View Youtube video on how to use the frequency function

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