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Introduction to VBA for Excel
Mastering Userforms in Excel
Introduction To Excel
12 Lessons - $99
15 Lessons - $149
18 Lessons - $49.99
  • Naming conventions
  • For Loops
  • Do while Loop
  • If loops
  • Finding your Data
  • Error Codes
  • Basic User Forms
  • Message Boxes
  • Combo Boxes and List boxes
  • Check boxes
  • Toggle Buttons
  • Tab strip
  • Scroll Bar
  • Formatting User Forms
  • Advanced User Forms
  • The Excel Window
  • Simple formulas and Functions
  • Absolute Reference
  • Naming Ranges
  • Linking Sheets
  • Formatting
  • conditional formatting
  • Charts and graphs
Excel Beyond the Basics
Introduction to Pivot Tables & Dashboards
Become an Affiliate
13 Lessons - $49.99
14 Lessons $49
Earn 25% on Course Sales
  • Data Validation
  • Drop-dDown lists
  • Related Drop-down lists
  • Working with Dates
  • Sort and Filter
  • Advanced filter
  • Creating a Pivot Table
  • Customize Your Pivot Table
  • Pivot Charts and Slicers
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Sell some courses and make some money


    Now Available - Custom Group training in Excel

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    This training is live and interactive, happening over Zoom
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