Use Iferror to Clean Up Your Formulas

Quite often when you drag down formulas, it results in a error message when you reach blank cells or you end up dividing by zero. Using the Iferror function can eliminate these unnecessary errors

Setting up an invoice

You are able to set up an invoice so that you enter the quantity and the price for items. To calculate the amount you would simple multiply the quantity by the price.

On our invoice we have three services that our staff can complete; a,b,c. We have a table on our invoice detailing the price for each of these services.

We write up a simple vlookup for the prices

=VLOOKUP(B3, G3:H5, 2)


When the other items are not entered, you receive a N/A error which also produces an error in the total and the gst calculation.

Adding an iferror function to your formulas will elliminate the error message.

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B3, G3:H5, 2), "")

The formula now says that if the vlookup produces an error, return blank instead of the error message.

The iferror was able to remove the errors from the vlookup, but the errors remain on the quantity mulitpied by the value

The original formula =C3*D3 with the iferror =IFERROR(C3*D3, "")

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