I am a Canadian provider of custom Excel work , dashboards, pivot tables,

and VBA development and consulting services to clients in every industry.

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I am here to help you with:
  • We make Dashboards and Pivot tables
  • Macro creation, let's automate your sheets
  • Forms and templates
  • Difficult formulas and applications


Now Available - Custom Group training in Excel

Does your organization need to go over the basics?
Is there a number of people weak in certain skills that I can go over?
This training is live and interactive, happening over Zoom
I can train a large number of people at the same time for one fee

Reviews from online training

"Thank you - guys think you're a miracle !" Steven MacGregor President CPP Distribution

How much does this cost?

The minimum charge is $50/hr for one or two people
Three people would be $75/hr
Four or more would be $100/hr

Email me and we can discuss your needs

Or Take an Online Course at Your Own Schedule

Introduction to VBA for Excel
Mastering Userforms in Excel
Introduction To Excel
12 Lessons - $99
15 Lessons - $149
18 Lessons - $49.99

Why do you need to take my training?
  • I have been in business for more than 20 years, Let me show you the Excel that you need for business

  • Let me teach you the VBA that I have learn in my five years of consulting

  • If you find creating User Forms extremely frustrating, let me show you the steps that I use to make the process smoother

  • I have trained software for more than 10 years and know how to explain

Check out my Excel online Courses

As an Affiliate and earn 25% on Course Sales!

Reviews from my Youtube Channel

  • " Amazing!!! I cannot believe how easy it was to follow your direction. Within couple minutes I was able to achieve what I was looking for. Thank you." - Om_C114
  • "Thanks for your help Barb. Great tutorial. Short. Precise. Great audio. Not a second wasted. Good code that I can use." - mangobrother
  • "Clear and to the point, thank you, very helpful!!!!"- Cipher-Tu Productions

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